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Most bloggers start a blog without a business strategy.

However, without a business plan, marketing strategy, and profitable systems in place, you'll waste a lot of time spinning your wheels and wondering why your blog isn’t generating any income for you.

Do you resonate with the following statements?

I feel stuck.

Have you been trying to start a blog for a while but haven’t been able to for whatever reason? Or perhaps you’ve been blogging for a bit but feel stagnant. Or maybe you’ve been blogging for a few years and feel like you should have "figured it out by now" so you’re embarrassed to ask for help.

I feel overwhelmed.

You want to make income online but have no idea where to start. Plus, there are so many online gurus these days and you have no idea who to trust.

I feel hesitant.

You want to start a blog and turn it into an online business but you’re nervous because you don’t know if it will be a success or a total flop.


Launch the blog that you’ve been dreaming about in a few weeks.

It doesn’t take as long as you may have thought. In fact, each year it’s gotten easier to start a blog because companies are constantly updating the user friendliness of their tools. I graduated from college with a sculptural ceramics degree because graphic design was too difficult... so if I can do it, so can you!

Build an audience that is eager to hear what you have to say.

With so many other blogs out there, why would people gravitate towards your blog? Almost every single blogger has that fear when they start out, but you’ll be able to overcome it after you discover your why, find a niche that suits you, and learn how to use smart marketing strategies to draw in your desired audience. Every single person on this Earth was made unique… that includes you. The people that resonate with your voice will naturally gravitate towards your blog.

Set up a marketing strategy so effective that it generates recurring revenue.

The basic building blocks of starting an online business aren’t new, however starting a blogging career is relatively new. Which is why I’ve combined the best business strategies with the top blogging strategies to create the perfect blueprint to follow. After I show you how to do that, then you can customize it and make it your own.

Hi, I’m Elaine Rau.

I’ve been a full-time blogger and business owner for the past 5 years and I’m here to help you turn your blog into your career as well. Helping aspiring bloggers become professional bloggers is a huge passion of mine because the more quality bloggers we have out there, the better the industry will become.

While the technicalities of blogging have gotten easier to grasp, it’s the marketing and monetization aspect that most people struggle with… which just so happens to be what I'm good at. How I learned this was after my first year of blogging, the Huffington Post asked to interview me to share with them how I was able to grow and monetize my blog at the rate I did... that's when I realized that I was really good at blogging.

As more and more publications started reaching out, I decided to compile all my successful strategies into a giant A-Z course (which happens to be this one, by the way) so I could easily share what worked for me! When my students started getting the same and even better results than I had been able to achieve, I knew I was destined for this.

I knew I needed to do something different with my business and that started with investing both time and money to see it grow. I had been following LadyBossBlogger for a while and finally decided to purchase her course and I'm so glad I did! Elaine and her team are so awesome and they do respond to your emails!

- TeMeka Williams

TeMeka completely rebranded and relaunched her blog!

She was tired of free trainings and decided to invest in her business (the course is a business expense!)

Regardless if you’re brand new to the blogging world or have some experience under your belt, there is something in this course for you.

Inside the course you’ll find how to…

  • Discover your “why” and share your mission
  • Figure out a profitable niche that you’re passionate about
  • Set up your blog so you can legally run a business
  • Write for a specific target audience
  • Brand design elements for smart marketing
  • Set up your email marketing strategy
  • The best social media marketing strategies
  • SEO best practices and how to get free traffic
  • Create strategic content based on SEO
  • Implement the various ways to monetize your blog
  • Keep track of your earnings to report to the IRS
  • Understand all the legal aspects of starting a business blog
  • Monetize with affiliate marketing
  • Monetize with sponsored posts
  • Monetize with digital products
  • Monetize with physical products
  • Monetize with services

Course Curriculum

Kerri realized that she had been focusing on all the wrong things...

The time she used to spend researching, she now spends implementing.

LadyBossBlogger made me realize that SEO should’ve been the very first thing I researched when I started. The course has also saved me a TON of time because the time I used to spend researching, I now spend implementing. I wish I would have taken this course way earlier.

- Kerri Watry

Something that most bloggers struggle with regardless of experience is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is how you get found organically and what helps you grow immensely. I was scared of tapping into the unknown, but once I cracked the code, I knew I had to share it with my students! And their results blew my mind!

How she got past her fear of SEO... by learning how to do it!

Confidence stems from knowing exactly what to do.

I have been blogging for almost 9 months and LadyBossBlogger's course was so helpful in getting myself out of a content rut! She also helped me figure out the dreaded SEO, now I have a complete understanding of it and how to do it! It's equally great for more experienced bloggers if you haven't been able to make real money from your blog yet!

- Katelyn Thomas

If you purchase the course today...

You’ll also get access to all the following bonuses that will help you take your brand to the next level:

1. How to monetize your live streams

2. How to get brands to pay you as an influencer

Katie's page views and income increased by 20% in one month!

If you follow all the steps, it’s almost impossible NOT to make money!

After one month of implementing what I have learned in this course, I have seen some INCREDIBLE RESULTS. My page views are up 20% in just one month! Craaaazy. Google is now a huge source of my traffic! This course is so detailed, so jam-packed, if you follow all the steps laid out for you, it’s almost impossible to NOT make money! Making it 100% worth the cost!

- Katie Marshall

Below you'll find the entire course curriculum packed with 16 incredible modules.

Course Curriculum

Stephanie got her dream partnership after taking my course!

Great example of a blogger with 7+ years of experience who needed a reset.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I could learn from a blogging course since I thought of myself as an experienced blogger. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was also able to land a partnership with my dream brand Crayola because of Elaine's course! You can tell she put her heart and soul into creating it and you can expect real results.

-Stephanie Vainer

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Who is this course for?

1. Beginner To Intermediate Bloggers

Regardless of how many years you've been blogging and if you consider yourself a beginner or not, if you haven't been able to get the traffic results you want... this course is for you.

2. Interested In Monetizing Your Audience

You don’t have to monetize if you don’t want to, just note that everything in the course is designed to lead you towards monetization.

3. Busy People

If you don't have time to waste on the internet sifting through content that may or may not work, you're at the right place. Everything in the course is direct and to the point so you're never walking in circles, instead you'll know the exact next step to take to obtain your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What format will the course be delivered in?
Written so you can read it any time without having to worry about headphones or clunky formatting. We do have video coming soon too in order to supplement the text.
When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How quickly will I get results?
Depends on how quickly you go through the course and implement the strategies. Result times vary because everyone has different goals.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. All refunds are subject to the terms of the full refund policy linked on the footer of this page.
Can I find this information for free online?
Nope! The information you'll find online skims the surface, there is a reason why people sell courses because they don't give away their best information for free. If you want deep blogging knowledge (that actually works) it's in this course.
Do you ever update the course?
Yep! As the blogging industry morphs and changes, the course will too. This is why I love online courses because unlike physical books, they can be updated and distributed immediately.

Before I started blogging, I worked in the wedding industry.

I was the National Wedding Sales Manager for a global company in Corporate America.

It was my dream job.

My job was my life and I worked 24/7, but I loved what I did so it never felt like work.

However, it all came crashing down when I received a devastating phone call from my boyfriend.

His older brother had been missing for a week and he was calling me with an update.

He told me he found his brother’s body… he had been murdered.

We had just spent Christmas together in Honduras and were getting ready to celebrate his 28th birthday in January.

I immediately called my boss and asked if I could attend the funeral in Honduras.

But his response shocked me.

He said NO… because it would affect sales.

I realized at that exact moment that I was merely a dollar sign to the company.

So I quit.

I packed my life up in 2 suitcases and moved to Honduras the next day.

However, I didn’t realize how hard the transition would be.

I had left my home, my friends, and my job (which was a huge part of my identity), and had moved to a developing country where I didn’t speak the language or understand the culture.

My “wedding industry skills” and sales skills were all useless there and I started to feel extremely isolated.

The only person I could talk to was my boyfriend and he was going through a rough time.

So I started a blog as an outlet for me to learn how to make money online and become a LADY BOSS BLOGGER.

I’m just an ordinary girl who was pushed to think outside the box because of my circumstances.

Starting a business is actually quite simple and boils down to 3 steps in this order:

  1. Learning from the right people
  2. Implementing the right strategies
  3. Working hard towards your goals

I have compiled all of my successful strategies into my courses so that you can STOP wasting time and START making money as a blogger.

Oh yea and if you’re wondering what happened to my boyfriend and I…

We got married at The Micah Project a year later.

A portion of all proceeds from LadyBossBlogger goes to The Micah Project which is a home for street kids in Honduras.

My husband was once one of those boys, which is why this charity is really close to my heart.

Plus the blog was actually founded on The Micah Project property – they took me in for a month when I moved down there to give me time to find my own place.

Vicky was spinning her wheels since 2012... until she took my course!

You don't have to go about blogging all by yourself.

If what you've been doing HASN'T BEEN WORKING... it's time to TRY SOMETHING NEW.

Try my course out for 30 days.

If you seriously learn nothing, return it and get all your money back.

I'm taking out 100% of the risk to trying my course.

Because 100% positive that you'll learn a lot more than you would have ever expected.

I have had students who were total beginners to experienced bloggers take my course who have been SHOCKED at how much they have YET to learn about blogging professionally and profitably.

Would you like to continue scouring the internet for answers or shave off years of stress and uncertainty by enrolling in the step-by-step blogging course I have put together for you?

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Elaine Rau
Elaine Rau

Elaine Rau is an award-winning blogging and Instagram expert. She has taught her strategies on stages all over the world and has compiled them into courses for people to access from home. Elaine has an audience of 300,000+ followers across all her social media platforms and has been featured in 500+ magazines, books, and publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Authority Magazine.